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Global Tech Australia (GTA) formed their Oil Division in late 2014 after numerous requests from producers and buyers in the oil and petrol products industry. With their various connections  across a range of industries GTA have been able to establish themselves as a significant player in the oil market in South East Asia.

With direct access to producers from Nigeria, UAE, Brunei, China and Europe, GTA is in the perfect position to negotiate and secure the best solutions for our partners.

Within the ever fluctuating oil market GTA is able to guarantee their ability to secure highly competitive oil and petrol product deals for the long or short term.

GTA’s mission is to provide and develop alliances through natural resource companies around the world. With the Oil Division’s focus on oil and petroleum products with a view to also include Natural Gas and Gas products and assist all our partners in reaching their structural and financial goals.

“GTA guarantees its clients that

all purchases and dealings

are fully sanctioned”

Oil Rigs



  •   Sourcing of product and buyers
  •   Contract Negotiations
  •   Financing
  •   Real Time Tracking of the Product
  •   Transportation; and
  •   Insurance


Whilst GTA is recently new to the Oil sourcing and sales process, the team at GTA and their consultants between then have over 50 years experience in the industry, which gives our clients and suppliers great confidence in our ability to deliver as promised for all concerned.

Market Opportunity

 With the growth of the market in South East Asia and other developing areas of the global market place, GTA is positioned with its strong array of suppliers and great customer connections to become a major player in the secondary Oil Market.


We are able to source, supply and deliver the following products:

Crude Oil

BonnyLight Crude Oil

Diesel (D2, D6, ULSD)

Jet Fuel J54


Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Ethanol Mixed Petroleum (E10, E20, etc)

Unleaded Petroleum Premium

Unleaded Petroleum

Variety of petroleum blending chemicals

This is a list of our main products and is not an exhaustive list.  We are able to source other derivatives as required.

We do not entertain Broker Chains or time wasters and if you are one of them please do not contact us. To initiate any Fuel Supply, whether that be D2 Diesel,  JP54 Jet Fuel or any other request, the buyer must first send us a Letter of Intent indicating the product(s) you want to purchase. This enables us to source and get the best pricing for your request. LOI for Oil Products should include the following: 1. Description of type of business your company is engaged in / Key Personal 2. Product Type 3. Quantity Needed 4. Delivery Method (FOB, CIF, etc) 5. Intended destination of products Contact Emails are provided upon form submission.

Oil Requirement Submission

Oil Refinery

Through GTA’s relationships/consultants and direct contacts they have business relationships and activities with: Chemetals Group, China Fuel Oil Group, Dragon Tree Capital, Rosneft, Export Grains Inc., Freeman Holdings Corporation, Hamchid Nigeria Ltd,. Fire Capital, Ignite Energy Resources, MOKA Group, Saudi Tawsul, Sino Resource Development Group, Touax Group, FPI Ltd, Philippine Airlines, 360DMG, Brunei Gas & Oil and Triangular Oil Trading.


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