The Oil Purchase Process can take a number of deviations, however, the overall process is very simple.

  1. Buyer signs the Soft Contract Offer (SCO) (no commitment) or issues LOI to include destination and relevant information.

    2. Seller will reply back to confirm country origin of product and other information; and schedule a conference call with the buyer.

    3. If #2 is successful, then seller will visit buyer’s office for a table top meeting.

    4. Later in the Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) document, the following will need to be listed:

    a. The quantity the buyer wants to purchase per month or per shipment.  Shipments must be either 60k or 100k as these are the vessel sizes.

    b. Buyer confirms that he agreed to the price

    c. Contract period of interest

    d. Bank name as well as city and country where account is held

    e. Port of delivery- necessary to confirm infrastructure at the port and applicable tank storage conditions.

Once this has been finalised the shipment will proceed

Oil Barrel