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GTA have signed exclusive and non-exclusive agreements with a number of international companies to supply and maintain high quality security, military and engineering equipment for our marketing areas, as well as having a good working relationships with major established companies and market leaders such as Canon Australia, Imagus, Mobiware Australia, Diester Electronic, Astrophysics and Huawei to name but a few.

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X-Ray Scanners

Founded in 2002 by an Imaging Scientist, Astrophysics Inc. provides the highest quality technology at an incredible value. They design and manufacture x-ray systems for diverse security applications ranging from mailroom and checkpoint, to large baggage, cargo inspection and mobile screening. All Astrophysics systems are made in the U.S. from domestic and foreign components for the best in detection, performance and reliability. From quote to delivery, install to follow-up, they ensure you are impressed by the quality of their customer service, after sales support, service capability and product value.

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Deister Electronics

Deister Electronic is recognised as a leading RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) company bringing innovative solutions to a diverse range of markets worldwide. Deister’s product range includes; ProxEntry, Advanced access control components, BioProx, Biometric access control components, ProxSafe, Management and safeguarding system for keys and valuables, and FlexID, Flexible identification components for use in transport management and vehicle locking systems.

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Imagus is a leading provider of modular OEM software components used to develop advanced computer vision applications in a variety of markets and applications. If partners do not have the technical capacity to develop full solutions from components, Imagus can also provide bespoke solutions to real-time vision analysis projects through their expert in-house development team.